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I was listening to some RENT songs, and realized some things that really bug me about it. I still like it, but...some things are bugging me. I blame Will because he brings out the cynical part of me.

First, there's Mimi. She's a junkie and has HIV. Roger is a former junkie and has HIV. Mimi wants to get with Roger and at first Roger is all, "step off, bitch, take your drugs and GTFO." But Mimi and all of Roger's friends are all "no day but today, live in the moment waaah." Now, I get the whole "live in the moment" theme, but there are better ways to do that than do drugs. And if you have HIV, why would you put yourself more at risk? I guess I can just see Roger's reluctance to get with a junkie, especially when he's gone straight. And WTF is with Mimi whoring off with Benny when Roger finally decided to give her a chance? See, bitch? that's why he didn't want you to begin with!

Then there's the whole cast of "bohemians." They can't afford rent, and NONE of them seem to have jobs. So they are all "fuck that shit, I'm not ever going to pay rent...but I'm so cold." Well get a fucking job, you bums! And then Benny offers FREE rent to his friends if they get Maureen to cancel her protest so he can build his digital arts studio (which would be freakin' sweet). But they are SO concerned with all the other people. Real life poor people aren't so fucking united. Seriously, I don't think Benny is the bad guy he is made out to be.

And Angel. Jeeze. He freaking KILLS Benny's wife's dog to get money from some rich woman with a migraine and over-inflated sense of entitlement. And then he BRAGS about it. WTF is that shit?

Maureen is a fucking twit. Joanne asked her to be respectful and not flirt with other women in front of her, and what does she do? Flirts with the bartender AT THEIR COMMITMENT CEREMONY! What a cunt. Maureen is also way too full of herself and thinks she's the shit.

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